What do we do?

 Zurikgirl Workshop provides clothing manufacturing opportunities for Small and start-up fashion brands with the perfect low Minimum order quantity(MOQ) solution for building and launching your designs.

Where are we located?

The Zurikgirl Workshop is located in the most populous country in Africa. Lagos,Nigeria. 

Our Belief- Motto & Standard

We believe in supporting local economies, fair ethical labor and transparency.

What is Our MOQ Production?

Our production is typically orders of 30-100 units (garments). In the past, American factories would almost exclusively work with established brands or large scale orders only. 

5 benefits of Using our Workshop 

1. Reduced risk - Small batch manufacturing helps you avoid the risk of wasting time, money, and resources that can come with committing to a large scale inventory. 

2. Efficient Market Testing - you can gauge the sales and orders of your garments and predict your growth more accurately. By the time you have perfected your design, the initial sales will demonstrate the need is being met in the market and can accurately predict the pace of growth.

3. Direct customer service- once you become our client you have acess to speak to us with questions or concerns around the clock, we create a personal relationship with each client and make sure we give our undivided attention to every detail. 

4. Sustainability - Sustainability is becoming more prevalent as conscious consumers and production behavior continues to grow. Our workshop reduce the risk of substantial waste and take up less resources in production.

5. Fabric & consultation-  This is one of the hardest step in production. Finding the perfect fabric for your design. We give our client the option of sourcing their fabric and fabric type preference (consulting) at No Charge. We have on-ground staff who will source your perfect fabric for you. 

Shop Address:


Praise plaza

Suite 16-17 Zurikgirl

Skido Bus stop,oke ira, Ado road Ajah,lekki,




The shop is on Ado road, from Ajah bus stop,under the bridge,take keke to Ado,stop at MILE STONES hotel,the complex shares same fence with infinity estate. You will see our sigh Zurikgirl: 2nd floor suit 17


open Monday - Friday - 9am -5pm

Open Saturday - 9am - 3pm

Email- zurikgirl@gmail.com

Phone- +17089839904